My first role as an Executive Director was for a social innovation movement in Durham, NC. Bull City Forward was started by the visionary Christopher Gergen. The mission was to innovate for the greater good. I took over as the organization was going through its transition from a firebrand for Durham’s social entrepreneurial spirit to … More Forward


We’ve gone upward and inward – we’ve sought and found humility and authenticity. We are grounded and renewed. What now? Wasn’t that enough? It’s now time to go outward. It’s time for practice and the creation and piloting of ritual. It’s time to get feedback on the sapling self. A renewed and humble approach to … More Outward


For Christians around the world today is Holy Saturday – the day before Easter. For Jesus’ disciples and followers it was the day after the crucifixion of their Lord. It was a day of great uncertainty, confusion, and fear. For Jesus it was the day when he lied dead in a dark tomb. Whether you … More Inward


Looking up is positional. It means you acknowledge you are not on top. There is a higher place. There is a better vantage point. Looking up is necessarily an action born of lowliness. No matter your station in life, you are accountable to someone or something. Whether it’s a boss, a board, a parent, or … More Upward

The pains of growing as a leader in front of everyone

Unknowingly, I made a comment to one of my teammates that was taken as offensive. Thankfully, this person had the professionalism and courage to come talk to me about it. It was a difficult but fruitful conversation. In addition to coming to an understanding, the lesson I learned is that when leaders learn from mistakes … More The pains of growing as a leader in front of everyone


Part of being alive in the Lenten season – remember, Lent the “lengthening of things” – is figuring out how to use the extra sunlight. Spring break is here which means different things to each of us. Some are destination-driven with our kids, others are using the time to party in exotic places. Some of … More Relax