Position matters

Where you are influences what you can achieve. Your understanding of your position and most importantly how well you use it determines everything about your chances of success. As former G.E. CEO Jack Welch exhorts, “If you don’t have a strategic advantage, don’t compete.” Know your craft, have a plan, and play to your strengths. … More Position matters

I want to help!

Children born into poverty in the Bible Belt have the least economic mobility of any other part of the US. Meaning, if you are born poor, you will remain poor and so will your children and your children’s children. This banner of the American south is not unexpected given our social and economic policy and … More I want to help!

Muslim blood in ChristChurch

How does a person of Christian conscience cut through it all with a meaningful response? It’s not enough to denounce white nationalism. It’s not enough or even meaningful anymore to connect it to Western European imperialism. It’s almost insulting to offer thoughts and prayers. Remember Paris? Remember the Pulse nightclub shooting, coincidentally, where 49 people … More Muslim blood in ChristChurch

Buy low. Sell high.

Sitting on a mound of cash waiting for the next financial crash is a fun place to be. Gains are forgone during the regular cycle in anticipation for the chance to pounce when everyone else is selling. The returns from this strategy reap significant dividends. The same approach applies to philanthropy. In fact, it is … More Buy low. Sell high.

My name is Akiva Ben Joseph, you killed my father, prepare to die

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Before he died, my dad would remind me that I was almost named Karl. I’d like to think that I would still be the same person I am today even if they’d named me Karl. Somehow, I … More My name is Akiva Ben Joseph, you killed my father, prepare to die