“Now, I haven’t spoken to Keeva in quite some time. However, I can credit Keeva with one of my accomplishments – one really great accomplishment. Some years ago, I decided that I wanted to give something back to the community, and donate my time. I was directed to the NJ CASA organization and learned that Union County needed it’s own chapter, and needed volunteers to initiate and develop the program. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical of what could be accomplished, but I went to the first meeting, and that is where I met Keeva. It was Keeva’s passion for the program that prompted me to join the small group of people to organize and establish CASA of Union County. Keeva moved on sometime after that and we did not see much of him afterward. However, CASA of Union County has now become a thriving and successful organization that truly does really good work for children. If anything (and forgive the poetic license), Keeva was the spark that helped start something that is a very positive force in the community. I was part of that, and I am very proud of it, and I would not have done it, but for Keeva’s passion for the program. Thanks Keeva. ”

Andrew Zotos, Risk Manager and Litigation Attorney, Clark, New Jersey

I have known Keeva Kase for over 17 years and have worked with him professionally for over 10 years. He has offered consistent, first-class leadership development, counsel, and coaching in a variety of settings. A conversation with Keeva is like going on the best pastor’s retreat or workshop you have every attended. He is insightful, theologically astute, biblically grounded; he is compassionate in his ability to skillfully listen and offer profound reflections with an impeccable sense of timing. Keeva is able to take conversations and relationships to new places because of his attention to detail, his astute understanding of human behaviors, and his openness to learn and teach in settings that are cross-cultural, and inter-faith, as well as Christian. He celebrates the unique perspective each one of us is given by God and perhaps one of Keeva’s greatest assets is that he leads by helping individuals claim their own inner-authority and strengths in a wide variety of roles and settings. Keeva has extraordinary resources to offer, especially to executive professionals and those in senior management.

Rev. Jonas Hayes, Senior Pastor, Grace First Presbyterian Church, Long Beach, California

Keeva is a very good man, father, friend, and husband. Keeva has a big heart for helping others, and in his community. I’m so glad my family and I met Keeva; he is a life saver. He never told my family “no” through hard crises. If he didn’t have, he would look for other ways to help when I was stranded, hungry, and without a home and lights. I don’t care who sees this. This man opened his heart and saved my family. I just want to share the good about this man. Love you, Keeva.

Fatima Murphy Morgan, friend and former neighbor in Trenton, New Jersey