Spring Inward

Like Lent, daffodils, and abandoned New Year’s resolutions, Daylight Savings is yet another affirmation of spring’s return. 5am is the new 6.

Extra sunlight affords expanded opportunities to motivate and make the most of the day. Early workouts and twilight evenings at the playground bookend our increasingly active and out-of-doors activities. Yet and still, we cannot rely on every day to be warm and bright – we have not completely put away our winter coats and boots. As Dickens says, “it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.”

This transition between dark and light, cold and warmth, is teeming with hope. Death feels somehow less final. The evidence of things hoped for is bursting from the mud.

We are not, however, completely out of the dark. In fact, the 10 days left of winter before the official start of spring, are a symbolic last chance to appreciate the things we’ve let fall away and die.

Spending these last few winter days mourning the aspects of our lives that have given way is not a bad use of time. In fact, increasing our attention on their finality, using the gift of added sunlight, might be the best way to ensure they are are dead and gone for good. Let’s look inward as we step outward. We aren’t out of the dark yet. Even Jesus was tempted during his forty days of preparation (Matthew 4:1-11).

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